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EMT virtual interactive 3D exhibition

Launch of the EMT virtual interactive 3D exhibition

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Welcome to the future! Exhibitions turned to digital format.

Our company has successfully launched a state-of-the-art, virtual, interactive EMT 3D exhibition, which allows to visit the exhibition online with the effect of full immersion in the exhibition environment.

Users of the virtual 3D exhibition can find the machines, equipment and tools necessary for their production, personally negotiate with business partners, see the equipment with their own eyes and all this without leaving their workplace. State-of-the-art technologies and current working conditions determine the transition to the virtual digital space.

Visitors to the EMT 3D exhibition can virtually visit the exhibition for free from their own computer or smartphone connected to the Internet. They can personally get to know the exhibition participants or other visitors, communicate with partners in voice or text chats, inspect the equipment and get any necessary information. They can also visit the online conferences created by the participants.

The participants of the EMT 3D exhibition have the opportunity to demonstrate the entire product line of their machine tools and present their advantages in real time without time and space restrictions. We create virtual and individual booth in a corporate style, with a representative-avatar of a participant associated with their company's manager. We install the interactive equipment that will demonstrate its capabilities, and create a boardroom where it is possible to discuss the issues without interference from other visitors or participants of the exhibition.

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