The first participant

EMT virtual interactive 3D exhibition

The first participant of the EMT 3D exhibition

виртуальная выставка



Participant of the 3D exhibition EMT - ALTADO Company

We are glad to welcome the first participant of the EMT virtual interactive 3D exhibition - ALTADO manufacturing company!

There is the interactive equipment - Highspeed machining center, CNC Cilindrical grinding machine, and Horizontal CNC boring machining center - presented at the ALTADO company's booth.

Visit the Participant's booth

ALTADO company is a manufacturing company. Based on the experience in the metallurgical industry and the developments of European design engineers, ALTADO company makes a design and produces units and mechanisms for metallurgical equipment and metal cutting machine tools, which are supplied to metallurgical and machine-building enterprises in Europe and Asia.

Currently, ALTADO company is focusing on machinery fields as below:
1. Design engineering of units, mechanisms and finished products;
2. Selling metal cutting machine tools and accessories;
3. Supply of complete assembly units for subsequent assembly of machine tools on the Customer's territory and under its trademark;
4. Supply of separate units and mechanisms for metal-cutting machine tools. Such as:
4.1. Body parts and beds made of cast iron;
4.2. Spindle elements and units (spindles for machining centers, housing of slides, pairs of rotating and hollow spindles for horizontal boring machines, reducers, headstock assemblies);
4.3. Fixed working tables;
4.4. Rotary tables for vertical turning and boring lathes, horizontal boring machines and machining centers;
4.5. Ball screws;
4.6. Automatic pallet changing systems;
5. Retrofitting of machine tools which were produced in the European Union (mainly, heavy and unique machine tools).
In the field of metallurgical equipment:
Supply of spare parts, units and mechanisms for rolling and section mills, lines for steel continuous casting plants, etc
Supply of rollers, driving and backing rolls, bearing housings, etc.

ALTADO company web-site

Visit the Participant's booth

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